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2 Products licence problem


I have the ".NET Developer Bundle" and "SQL Toolbelt Essentials" installed, almost every time I start SSMS SQL Prompt isn't activated. I only get 3 options.

If I click the "manage licence" option I get the following popup.

If I just close the window suddenly I get all options in the menu like expected but some of the options still don't work in the query view so I have to restart. After the restart everything works until the next time I start SSMS.

The strange thing is that if I click the "Activate with new number" the serial number from ".NET Developer Bundle" is entered as a default value instead of the "SQL Toolbelt Essentials" serial key. So it looks like something with the combination of ".NET Developer Bundle" and "SQL Toolbelt Essentials" because my colleague who only has "SQL Toolbelt Essentials" installed does't have the problem.

I had this problem in SSMS 2014, when we upgraded to SSMS 2016 I did a complete reinstall of the "SQL Toolbelt Essentials" plugin but the problem still occurs.

Is there a solution to this problem because its very frustrating that I have to do this every time I start SSMS




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