SQL Data Compare - Export html instead of csv ?

Is there an option to export to a HTML file instead of CSV files ?

Thx in advance


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    There is no HTML export from Data Compare currently, but if you go to 'Print Preview' from the File menu, and drop down the menu from the envelope icon on the toolbar in the print preview window, you can export the report that would be printed into a variety of formats (including text and PDF) which might be more useful to you than CSV.

    We're aware this is a really unintuitive way to get to the export functionality and plan to fix it when we next overhaul the Data Compare UI.
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    But that will export only the summary (what you see on the upper part of the screen).

    Is it possible somehow to export the details, based maybe on whether or not the table is checked for synchronization ?

    Besides that, exporting the list of tables which could not be compared doesn't seem very useful, since you have the possibility to map them anyway when editing the project.
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    Hi there i know this is many years on but i am interested in putting forward Redgate Data Compare forward to the company. However i want to know how realistic is it that in the near future the comparison results can be exported by html or even like the print preview?

    I know as above you can print preview the summary but the details are the key components we are interested in saving just like they are displayined in the UI. All details rather than a messy csv all bulked together.

    Is there any upcoming development that will address this?


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