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Connection failed sqlmonitor 7.10

hxwhahxwha Posts: 1
edited May 12, 2017 2:46AM in Redgate Monitor
hi support,

Any idea about connection error exception The Month parameter must be in the range 1 through 12. Parameter name: month




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    no solution?
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    the same issue when update to 7.10
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    Hi pipiHo

    Unfortunately, because this problem is specific to your setup it'll need dedicated investigation from one of our Product Support Engineers. This service comes with one of our support packages.

    Can one of team get in touch with you directly to discuss the options?

    Alternatively, if you have a supported serial number then please send a ticket into support@red-gate.com and we can investigate this for you.
    Customer Support | Redgate Software
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    Hi Sam J

    I have the same problem. I use trial version of RedGate SQL Monitor and havn't supported serial number, but I can provide to you any usefull information to investigate and solve this problem.

    How can I contact to you?

    My email: lazutkinma@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi @forel

    Thank you for posting.

    We have raised a ticket for you and one of our tech team should be in touch with you shortly.
    Customer Support | Redgate Software
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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Hi All,

    We have just released SQL Monitor v7.0.12 today which should correct this issue. Please go to Configuration > About and click on the (get latest version) link next to where it shows the current version to update (or click on the banner across the top when it indicates the update is available).

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

    Have you visited our Help Center?
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