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Powershell script(s) ignoring server params...? Using CCNet build server....

We have two databases with the same name but on two separate servers (INS01 and INS05). We also have two separate build server locations which house these databases. I have separate powershell scripts for each instance that Build, Publish and Sync. Build and Sync scripts, I use the New-DlmDatabaseConnection cmdlet with the -serverinstance parameter to specify the connection. The publish script, I do not use the New-DlmDatabaseConnection cmdlet - instead I use the Import-DlmDatabasePackage and Publish-DlmDatabasePackage.

For some reason, everytime I try to build a database for INS05, the scripts check against INS01 build server databases rather than the INS05 ones. I specifically configured each -serverinstance parameter to be different.

Any ideas on why the build process keeps wanting to check the INS01 instance instead of the explicitly denoted INS05 instance? Are there any parameters I need to include?

Thanks in advance.
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