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Git repository vs folder in Git repository comparing

Using SQL Compare v12.3.3.4490.

I have switch to Git from TFVC and notice that when I do a compare database between two Git commits. SQL Compare does not only scan the specified folder where SQL Source Control has placed it SQL files. But it is scanning the entire Git repository folder structure, and that takes time.


When I used TFVC, SQL Compare was fast. But now when I use Git, it is slow.
Does SQL Compare have to scan for changes in the entire folder structure ?


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    That definitely sounds like we're doing something wrong. Can I ask how your repository is structured? Is the scripts folder in a sub-directory of the repository root, or placed directly at the root - i.e. what's the relative path from the root of the repository to the RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml file for the database you're interested in?
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    Redgate Software
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    Hi Mike

    RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml is placed in a sub-directory like this.

    <git root>\Database\DB1\RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml

    I have two database in Git, placed under <git root>\Database\DB1 and <git root>\Database\DB2

    And there is about 21 directorys from <git root>, like
    <git root>\Database
    <git root>\Program1
    <git root>\Program2
    <git root>\Program3
    <git root>\Program3
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    I've checked what's happening here, and it's because with Git we have to clone the whole repository to get a specific revision - we can't just checkout the relevant sub-folder. The messages you are seeing in the progress dialog are from the Git clone operation, not from the comparison process.
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    Redgate Software
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    Aha! :-)
    Okay, thanks for the answer Mike.

    Kind regards
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