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Error when clicked on view revert change

duongthaihaduongthaiha Posts: 6 New member
I created a a empty datbase
Create a simple table.
Click on update choose update database
View pending changes
Hold ctrl to view revert changes then error message shown
Here is the script to create the data table. Nothing creative there

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Order] (
[Reference] NVARCHAR (50) NULL,

Here is the message.

Message = Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Data = System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
InnerException =
TargetSite = System.Collections.Generic.IList`1[ReadyRoll.Migration] GetBaselineMigrationList(System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ReadyRoll.Migration], ReadyRoll.IDatabaseProject, ReadyRoll.Entities.DeployType, ReadyRoll.Connections.IConnProperties, Microsoft.Build.Utilities.TaskLoggingHelper)
StackTrace = at ReadyRoll.Baseline.BaselineMigrationProvider.GetBaselineMigrationList(List`1 migrations, IDatabaseProject databaseProject, DeployType buildTypeRequired, IConnProperties targetConn, TaskLoggingHelper logger)
at ReadyRoll.Services.RevertService.Revert(IDatabaseProject databaseProject, Boolean generateScriptOnly, ProgressReporter progressHandler, Migration& reparsedMigration, IList`1& revertPendingChanges, Boolean doPostRefresh, FileInfo reportOutputFile, ReportStyle reportStyle, String sourceDatabaseName)
at ReadyRoll.VsPackage.Controls.ChangeListControl.contextItemViewRevert_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
HelpLink =
Source = ReadyRoll
HResult = -2147467261



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    I'm sorry to hear that you're running into a problem there, but thank you for sending on the code you're using. Unfortunately I've been unable to reproduce this issue with the steps provided. May I ask, are you able to reproduce this each time you create a new ReadyRoll project and run through these steps?

    Does your database contain a [__MigrationLog] object at this stage, and if so, would you mind sending me the contents of it? (e.g. csv file)

    Also if you could let me know the version of ReadyRoll you are using (from Help... About) that would be great
    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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    duongthaihaduongthaiha Posts: 6 New member
    A bit weird, I turn on my machine today do the same thing and it works :-(
    i will make sure if i got it again then i will send the detail over.
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    I'm pleased to hear that it's now working but do let me know if it happens again, thanks!
    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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