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RedGate License - per user or per machine?

If I log into the same machine with multiple accounts (testing), do RedGate products appear registered for each user profile on the same machine, once they have been registered once? Or do they require registration for each user with a profile?


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    kmskms Posts: 2 New member
    push, same question
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    I have SQL Prompt 9 installed and activated.  I switched to a different user account on the same machine and SQL Prompt shows as activated there as well.  I believe that the "Per user" part of the license pertains to your Red-Gate account.

    In fact, I installed it under one desktop account, activated it under the other desktop account, switched to the first desktop account, and SQL Prompt showed that is was already activated there. So, looks like multiple desktop accounts on the same machine works fine.  You'll probably be prompted to login with your Red-Gate account when you first run SQL Prompt under a new account and then it should all work just fine.

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    kmskms Posts: 2 New member
    There is a better solution. When you run a Redgate APP also a web server starts in background. That provides a config page, were you can disable the RG-login for each computer login.

    "licensing settings" -> uncheck "Enable user account licensing on this computer"

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    bfournierbfournier Posts: 1 New member
    I had SQL Prompt on an older machine that has been removed and wiped.   When I installed SQL Prompt 8 on my new computer a window popped up stating that the number of activations has been exceeded for the serial number.   What do I do?   Is there some way to determine which computers are using this serial number?      Thanks!
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