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Fixing & regenerating doesn't seem to fix the problem?

I am trying out SQL Data Generator. I ran it once and found some issues with the types that mapped to the columns, so I went and adjusted them accordingly & saved the project. (for example, Error converting data type varchar to numeric.) However, when I try to re-run the generate data after making the fix, it acts like there was no fix. I tried enabling verbose logging, but there is no useful information about what it is trying to put where. When I view the preview of data in the table that is erroring, everything looks correct.

Is this a known problem? If not, are there any other ways I can troubleshoot the issue?


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    Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Hi @rmcf ,

    We had a support ticket open for you and I'm just copying my reply here--please let us know if you're still running into issues!


    That is an odd problem that you're running into and I'm afraid I'm not immediately sure what is causing this. Can I just double check--what version of SQL Data Generator do you have installed? (Help>About)

    And would it be possible for you to create a scripts folder of your database so that we can try recreating the issue? (I unfortunately haven't been able to reproduce this so far). I can send over the steps to do this if so. If not, I'll think of other steps we can check/try--please let me know!

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