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/mfx in SQL Compare 12?

DavidBrowerDavidBrower Posts: 3 New member
We have just moved from SQL Compare 10 to SQL Compare and have found that some of our automated scripts are no longer working due to the following switch no longer being recognised.

We have a powershell script that is run inside Octopus Deploy:
$base_args = ( "/sourcecontrol1",

Write-Host "Executing DB Compare using Script File: $scriptFile and Migration File: $migrationFile"

Write-Host "Generating comparison report for $dbName on $dbServer"
$report_args = $base_args | foreach { $_ }
$report_args += "/Report:`"$reportHtmlFile`""
$report_args += "/ReportType:Interactive"
Start-Process -FilePath $sqlcompare -ArgumentList $report_args -NoNewWindow -Wait -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
New-OctopusArtifact $reportHtmlFile

We then get the following message:
Error: Invalid command-line argument: /mfx. Please use SQLCompare.exe /? or SQLCompare.exe /verbose /? for more

For the life of me (today is the first day working with SQL Compare) I cannot find what the equivalent switch is in SQL Compare 12.
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