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Object level recovery and SQL 2014 sp1

Hello, getting an error message while doing object level recovery with backup pro 7 on a SQL 2014 which were backed up using RedGate Backup pro 7. the error message says unknown compatibility error '120'.

Tried multiple times... might be an issue with the tool itself. any insight?


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    Hi seriousgolfer,

    The object level recovery feature is currently only known to work with SQL Server 2012 or before. Even with these earlier backups there are some known issues where OLR can't process the backup file. The current situation with the OLR feature is that if it doesn't work we aren't currently investing any time into further developing the tool.

    This situation may change and I have asked the product manager to clarify the future of this feature. Development work is continuing on SQL Backup as a whole and there aren't any plans for this to change.

    This feature is still in the tool as it does work for some of our customers on earlier versions of SQL server.

    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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