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Error Updating "SQL Prompt Core" in Visual Studio 2015

BoCoKeithBoCoKeith Posts: 2 New member
Visual Studio 2015 tells me that a SQL Prompt Core update is available, but when I install it I can a error: "his extension is not installable on any currently installed products.". See the attached document for more information. I have a licensed SQL Prompt product installed; is that the cause of the error?


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    Hi BoCoKeith,

    Thanks for reporting that problem, it looks like we are prompting you to upload to the wrong product.

    What version of SQL Prompt are you using? Are you currently using SQL Prompt Core or SQL Prompt Pro?
    You can find the version under SQL Prompt -> Help -> About SQL Prompt.

    Best wishes,

    Michael Clark
    Technical Lead, SQL Prompt
    Michael Clark
    Technical Lead, SQL Monitor
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