Incorrect "changed by" login name

We work in a "shared database" environment. We implemented a database to capture change logs and the number of "Unknown" has diminished.

What I am more concerned about is running across a few instances where the login indicated in Source Control's "changed by" column isn't the developer who made the change.

Has anyone else run across this issue? If so, have you had any success finding the cause?


  • kkam99518kkam99518 Posts: 7 Bronze 2
    I think I may have solved our mystery....

    1) Developer A (running Source Control) alters object, does not commit

    2) Developer B (not running Source Control OR for some reason Source Control not logging) alters the same object

    3) Developer ? commits changes. The current version of the object does get saved to SCtrl BUT RedGate Source Control reports "last changed by" which is Developer A.

    Anyone else have a theory?
  • Hi kkam99518,

    Thanks for the update!

    We're going to pass this on to the developers to get their opinion as well and will come back to you if we have anything else to add.

    In the meantime if other community members have suggestions, don't be shy!
  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 609 Rose Gold 5

    SQL Source Control uses the default trace to determine who last changed the object.

    I would also strongly recommend using the object locking feature when using the shared model to prevent issues:
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  • LouisSomersLouisSomers Posts: 18 Bronze 1
    I deleted an index and now my colleague's name is in the "Last changed by" column. There are no other changes and my colleague was astonished since he had not done anything on that table recently.

    Seems like there must be some kind of mapping issue?
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