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Validating the results when using SQL Data Compare through command line

amalikamalik Posts: 2 New member
Hi there!

I'm trying to compare 2 database backups - Graph.bak and Graph2.bak through command line.
After running the following command:
sqldatacompare /Backup1:"C:\Users\amalik\Desktop\Graph.bak" /Backup2:"C:\Users\amalik\Desktop\Graph2.bak" ]

it does give me this result:

Redgate SQL Data Compare Command Line Utility V12.2.1.4077
Copyright c 1999 - 2017 Redgate Software Ltd

SQL Data Compare: trial, edition standard
Registering databases
Comparing databases

Summary Information
DB1 = VAL-SQL.Graph
DB2 = VAL-SQL.Graph

Object type Name Records DB1 DB2
Table [dbo].[tblTreeObjects] 2 <> <>
I can verify this manually but the objective is to automate the data comparison so is there a way this command can return whether the data comparison was a success (when backups are identical) or failure (when backups are different)?
Any help would be appreciated.




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