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Not generating inserts

tschlarmtschlarm Posts: 23 Bronze 2
edited April 20, 2017 1:06AM in SQL Data Compare
SDC v12.3.1.4383
For some reason comparing databases between Azure SQL and a local SQL 2016, inserts are not generated in the deployment script.
Source: Azure SQL
Dest: SQL 2016 (local)

After the compare, the summary shows 6000+ changes on the azure side and some differences between source and dest, but when I select only that table, hit deploy, deploy using SDC and then look at the deployment script, I only see updates, no inserts. I checked all the boxes in that row and all the items show up in the differences panel at the bottom with all the rows checked.

This appears to be a nasty bug in this version as I uninstalled this version and re-installed 12.2 and it generated updates as expected (loaded the same project file).

Skipping this release...


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    Hi tschlarm,

    The support team are going to look into this in more detail for you, thanks for raising the issue.
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    In the meantime we'd be really interested if anyone else is hitting a similar issue - this sounds like a pretty serious bug, so we'd like to get it fixed as soon as possible before pushing 12.3 out from Frequent Updates to everyone.
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    Hi tschlarm,

    We believe this has been resolved in SQL Data Compare 12.3.2.

    It appears that in some cases when deploying from right to left we were getting the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE selections confused. This was caused by the work to remove the re-comparison step when changing deployment direction.

    Please let us know if this latest release resolves the issue and if you see any other strange behavior.
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