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Saving New Snippets

When I create a new snippet I can see it in the list of snippets. Once I exit SQL Server Studio 2016 the new snippet is gone. I look a the file directory I do not see a new file there. Is there a way to reset snippet manager? Also if I add a file to that directory and restart studio I do not see the new snippet either.


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    Hi Richard,

    Sorry to hear that the Snippet Manager is causing you trouble.

    Would it be possible to know the version of SQL Prompt that you are using?

    Best wishes,

    Michael Clark
    Technical Lead, SQL Prompt
    Michael Clark
    Technical Lead, SQL Monitor
  • Options Looks like I am able to copy an existing snippet file, edit the file, and resave it as another name. The snippet will be available after I restart it. The issue is if I create a new one from the menu and save it will be in the list until I close Studio and than it is gone. Also I do not see a file being created in the directory.
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