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DLM Automation - Seed Data

GordonMPGGordonMPG Posts: 11 Bronze 1
edited April 17, 2017 8:21PM in DLM Automation

I have a visual studio database project, there is a post deployment script in:

~/Database/Scripts/Post Deployment

I am trying to get this script to run to populate my tables. I am using Team City's plugin to create the nuget package. I checked and the nuget package contains this file.

I use Octopus Deploy's plugin to generate the change script and perform the deployment. But my tables are empty. If I were to deploy via Visual Studio publish, the seed data is inserted properly. What am I missing?


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    Hi Gordon,

    We don't technically support SSDT projects but they do work to an extent because the folder structure is similar to a Redgate SQL Source Control project. This is why the post-deployment script will not work with our tools, yet will work when you publish using Visual Studio itself.

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