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"Total blocking duration for all descendants" value is not right in Blocking process Alert

During one of our database change, there were some blocking at database side and as we expected, we got alert from SQL Monitor for this. What I noticed is, "Total blocking duration for all descendants:" value was not right, our database change was done in less than 1 minute and everything was running fine at database side. But SQL Monitor alert shows Total blocking duration for all descendants: value very high 4 minute.

Can someone help me understand, how it calculate the this duration and if we can do something at SQL Monitor side to handle this?



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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Hi Rajesh,

    How many descendants were being blocked? If there were 4 descendants and they were each blocked for 1 minute, then the total for all descendants would be 4 minutes. Does this seem like what occurred?

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Alex,

    Number of blocked descendants were 21. So you mean , SQL Monitor adds up time for all? But all these were in parallel , database change which caused blocking didn`t even last for 1 minute. But looking at alert make an impression that it was block for 4 minute, which is kind of confusing and give wrong impression to end user who is looking at alert details .

    Thanks for your reply!
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