support for "create or alter" syntax on proc scripts

We are using the SQL server syntax "create or alter procedure" for stored procedures. SQL Compare mistakenly considers this a syntax error. Is there any setting or change to have this syntax supported?


  • Unfortunately not at the moment - CREATE OR ALTER is a 2016 SP1 feature that Compare doesn't recognise yet. It's on the backlog to get into Compare soon, though
  • Thanks for the quick response. I will watch for it in a future update.
  • We've released to our frequent updates channel, which should support this new syntax. Does it work as you expect?
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    Hi @sam.blackburn

    Sorry I missed the post in May. I did install the latest compare version and it has 2 bugs. The one that makes this unusable is the deployment script changes the "create or alter" to "alter or alter". This causes a failure in the script.

    The second is the compare considers the "CREATE or ALTER" to be different than what is in the DB. It should compare as being the same to make it simple to know that the objects are up to date.



  • Hey Kev,

    The devs have created bug number SC-9645 for that issue and are currently investigating.
    Do let us know if you have any additional questions in the meantime!

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