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Is There A Way To Produce Report or Text File with Object Names Followed By Details of Differences?

I am working with a vendor to upgrade to the latest version of their software and database. My predecessor customized our current version of the software with new triggers, views, stored procs, etc. When the vendor performs their upgrade, all his customized triggers, views, etc. will be deleted. I have obtained a plain vanilla copy of their upgraded database and ran SQL Compare against these databases to obtain the differences. Is there and easy way to produce a report (or even better a text file I can search) that provides the differences for each object--without me having to click through each object and reviewing thousands of tables, views, stored procs, etc.? Since many of the differences between the databases will be due to the vendors upgrades, I'd like to search through this report/file to make a list of triggers, views, stored procs, etc. to find the customizations made by my predecessor--that I need to recreate on the new database.


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    Hi there - the Tools > Generate comparison results report menu option might be what you're looking for. You can generate an XML report that should be easy to search through programmatically or a HTML report that lists all the differences in a more human-readable format
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