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Deselecting single alerts after selecting all across pages

kevrileykevriley Posts: 129 Gold 1
edited April 12, 2017 11:26AM in Redgate Monitor
I'm trying to clear all but the latest alerts, and I'm not sure if the behaviour is as I would expect.

For example if I have 367 Deadlock alerts, I can change the Alert filtering to show just these alerts. I'm showing 100 alerts per page.
Then click Select All.
This then gives me a message All alerts on this page are selected. Select all alerts across all pages
I choose Select all alerts across all pages
Then click the top alert to de-select it
When I then click Cleared to clear all the alerts, it only clears the 99 on the current page rather than the 366 I would expect?

My current workaround is to clear all alerts then go and mark the ones I want as not cleared.

If this is by design, can we have a warning message that the selection is no longer across all pages

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