Portal for managing accounts, granting and decommissioning licensing.

We have 80+ people using Red Gate products and managing licensing keys is very time consuming. Please tell me you have a portal where I can grant and decommission these licenses now that you nave moved to an account based model. Most vendors are going this way and it makes a huge difference.


  • Hi jpratt,

    Although this isn't functionality that we currently offer we are well aware of the pain that users such as yourself are experiencing when managing larger numbers of licenses.

    We are currently working on something to try and make this easier and if you have any ideas that you think we should take into consideration please do share them here.
  • Hi jpratt

    To add a bit more detail to the response above, we currently have a portal that you can access by logging in to www.red-gate.com and selecting My products.

    What you see depends on whether you purchased the software and/or whether you’ve been invited (by the license owner) to use the software. The following help page contains more details but if you purchased the license (ie you are the license owner) you can invite people to use the license and remove people from it.

    The feature we’re currently developing for this page is the ability for the license owner to delegate responsibility of managing the license to any number of license admins. The reason for this is often the person who purchased the license is not the same person who needs to manage it.

    Following that we have a number of further improvements in mind, so if you have any ideas please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

    Many thanks, Fiona (Redgate Licensing)
    Project Manager | Redgate Software
  • papattersonpapatterson Posts: 1 New member
    Just need to know how to view all names of all assignees with licenses in the portal... now it looks like I have to click on each "Manage License" button for each license to see if anyone is assigned to that license and if they are, who that is... this is very tedious... can I see all the names at once? is there a view that provides this?
  • Hi papatterson. Thanks for your question. Unfortunately there isn't a view like that at the moment although how users interact with the portal is something we're interested in improving.
    So I can better understand where you're coming from, how would expect to interact with a view that showed all the names at once? Would you expect it to show all products together? What actions would you expect to perform on a such a view (eg invite users / add a licence admin)?
    I'd appreciate hearing any more insight into why such a view would be useful. Thanks in advance.
    Project Manager | Redgate Software
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