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Automated execution from any db

We have a large number of structurally identical databases in our production environment with varying amounts of client data. We want to be able to run Data Generator from a stored proc on each database so we can quickly and easily create an anonymous version of that client db. I have prepared the script so I know which sets of data in which tables is to be obfuscated and this is saved a centralised template that all databases can see. What I'm trying to achieve is to have the proc pick up the template file, replace the relevant target and source databases in the XML and then fire the command line version of Data Generator to spit the nicely obfuscated database out the other end. When I execute the built file manually through Data Generator it seems to be fine. When I try running it all through the proc, it's not.

The process completes but the data is just the same as in the source database (so a table I know should be obfuscated in the source template that has 5 rows comes into the target (obfuscated) database with the same 5 rows).

The only difference I can see is that the file in which I replace the source and target server loses the formatting. Aside from that, comparing the two files, they seem the same.

Any ideas?
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