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SQL Data Compare comparison clarification

Can someone please remind my for sanity sake;

when I compare a data row and there are left (source only) center (similar but different) and right (destination only) and there are positive values in all 3 and I do a synchronization from default left to right, what happens to the data ultimately in the destination?


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    Hi Rogabone,

    By default if everything is selected then we will deploy all the only in left rows, update the similar ones to match the left and delete all the destination only rows.

    You can change this behavior by selecting/deselecting rows and by choosing to uncheck the deletion of right only rows (for example), but by default we will deploy in such a way as to make the destination table identical to the source after deployment.
    Matthew Chandler
    Software Developer on SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
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    Thank you for the clarification. So if I only want to bring over changed data and new data and not delete any destination data rows, simply deselect the right side destination? My goal is to have an identical database copied, changes made to the copy, then merge changes and new stuff only to the original database that we copied from without screwing up data in the destination. Cheers!
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