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New-DlmDatabaseRelease and /include:Identical

We're automating the database deployment process using Octopus. After creating the deployment script with the New-DlmDatabaseRelease cmdlet, we have a manual step for reviewing changes. But since we have many databases being deployed, having to review every Change.html file is tedious when many of the databases don't have changes. I see that New-DlmDatabaseRelease sets the /include:Identical and /assertidentical SQLCompare switches, so we will get update scripts for every database, even if no changes are necessary. Is there a way to override this behavior and only have update scripts and change.html files if there are actual changes to the schema?



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    Sadly there isn't a way to override this at the moment. If you'd like to see this implemented then I recommend that you post this suggestion on our UserVoice site.

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