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Alert Older/Newer buttons missing with 7.0.6 release

I enjoy the performance improvements in release 7.0.6. Having said that, I have noticed the alert navigation buttons are no longer there.

Previous releases of SQL Monitor had Older and Newer links next to the ALERT INBOX link when browsing through alerts. It seems that the buttons were removed in 6.0.7. Was this done intentionally or was it an oversight? It would be nice to have that feature back.



  • Thanks for making us aware of this - we're working on a fix now and I'll post an update when it is available.

    Kind regards

  • Gary PRGary PR Posts: 1 New member
    Using Version
    Within the Alerts Details tab the previous version had a Newer and Older button above the tabs, which are no longer present in this position. However, these buttons are available, but apparently not active, at the bottom of the window. This facility was useful for quickly moving between alerts to determine patterns etc. which may be an issue that is 'building up' i.e. becoming critical to performance. Can these buttons be restored to their original position, please?

    Gary PR.
  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    Hi Gary, we've found the cause of this and it should be fixed in the next release.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
  • Adam WAdam W Posts: 111 Silver 3

    To confirm, this was fixed in Version 7.0.7 - thanks again for raising the issue

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