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Reports - summary tiles

Can you give more detail as to how the data is captured for the pre-canned summary tiles.

For example Longest running queries, for past 12 hours, is showing me a query that it says has a duration of 21:06:44.
I have not had a long-running alert for this query, so wondered if the duration is an aggregation rather than the duration of a given instance of the query.


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    Hi Kevan,

    That's right, the tile shows the top 5 queries by total execution time within the selected period.

    What is most useful for you to see on this particular summary tile?

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    kevrileykevriley Posts: 129 Gold 1


    I think it was just confusingly named, as these aren't what we would consider to be long-running queries, just those that cumulatively have taken a long time.

    On an aggregated level, I often don't care if a query that takes 1s has been run 10,000 times, racking up nearly 3 hours of duration, especially if it only takes 1ms of CPU.

    I guess if you showed individual long running queries for the selected period you could end up with the same top 5. Maybe determine the top 5 different queries that have been individually long-running, then show the cumulative, min and max durations? Did I explain that correctly???

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    Thanks for the explanation, that makes a lot of sense. We are making some more improvements to the reporting so we'll consider something along the lines you suggest.


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