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Alert notifications

Does the Email Notifications section of an alert configuration control all the notifications for an alert?

For example if Don't send email notifications for this alert is set, does that also prevent Slack notifications too?

SQL Monitor



  • Hi Kevan,

    That's correct - it will prevent all notifications, not just emails.

    Short term we should reword that, but it would also be really good to know what kind of use cases you had in mind so we can understand the kind of configurability that might be required (e.g. turning off email but allowing Slack notifications etc).


  • Hi Adam,

    We have a requirement to enable SNMP traces for alerts pertaining to a set of servers only. Rest of the servers need to be enabled for Email alerting only. It'd be nice to have the capability to customize the alerting method as well along with frequency either at a server level or further down to an alert level.



  • Thanks Sijo, it's useful to have this kind of detail as we're considering how to make improvements to alerting.


  • kevrileykevriley Posts: 129 Gold 1

    I'm confused now. I have an alert that is configured to not send emails, but it did raise a Slack alert.
    I think being able to control the alerting methods on each alert is going to clear this up.

  • Adam WAdam W Posts: 111 Silver 3
    Hi Kev, apologies I missed your reply. That must be a bug. However, the next piece of work we'll tackle is improving the alerts, and that might well include allowing greater control over notifications, as you suggest - I'll update you when I know more (likely next month)
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