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edited March 23, 2017 3:55PM in SQL Monitor 6
I have a shortcut to SQL Monitor that opens a specific metric on a specific server, but the shortcut shows the data range from when I set it up and copied the URL in the my browser.
Is there a way to easily build up the URL myself so it always opens today's date, or the last X hours etc?


  • Hi ChadMountain,

    I've just tried this on the latest version SQL Monitor 7.0.5 and when I create a link to the analysis page, as long as I currently have the time set to the "present time" (click on the |> to jump to present time) it will open it as the present time. This page has been designed to keep track of the dates entered other than the present date so that links to specific metric set-ups can be shared easily.

    Please give the above a try in your version and if that does not work, please try updating to the latest version (from the ticket that was created your serial key is supported so you are eligible to update to the latest v7.0.5).

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,
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