Let proportion be based on new values only?

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I have a question regarding ProportionTables/ Proportion values: Is there a way to specify that the proportion shall be calculated on the newly generated values of the ProportionTable only?

Table A is used as ProportionTable to fill Table B, Proportion=4.
I create 1000 new random records for Table A ("RowCount=1000"), while Table A already contains 100 original records.

Desired result:
Create 4*1000 = 4000 new records for Table B.

Actual result:
SDG creates 4*(1000+100) = 4400 new records for Table B.

What can I do other than to manually calculate the Proportion factor to be 3,636363636363636?

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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    Did you select the option 'Delete data from the table before generation'. If this option is not selected, the 100 rows of data that exist in table A before generating the 1000 new rows of data will remain so you will have 1100 rows of data in table A and not 1000 rows.

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  • I found the simplest solution to use "RowCount" instead of "Proportion" in the first place and then calculate the required RowCount on my own.

    In hindsight, the question seems a bit stupid ;)
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