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Text selection stops working after a while

pardeikepardeike Posts: 6

I use and enjoy Reflector while coding mods for RimWorld. Since it is an invaluable tool, I have it open all the time to look up things for reference. The problem is that after a while the pane where the disassembler is shown does not respond to mouse click-drag anymore and no selection is shown. Therefore, I cannot copy parts of the source code.

A quit-start cycle will fix it but while its good that Reflector preserve all tabs when I reopen it, this behavior is quite annoying so I wonder if you could look into the issue or give me any tips on how to make this work.

Andreas Pardeike


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    Hi Andreas,

    Sorry you're having issues - could you give me an indication of what sort of time frame you're seeing this behaviour in?
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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    Sometimes minutes but most often within hours. It could be that it happens after intensive use where I do a lot of relation jumps between different classes in the analyze part. It also happened that you can't show the text search dialog (not the tab version but the search-in-page dialog. It does not come up with ctrl-f and not via menu choice either.

    I can try to remember more session details next time I use Reflector.

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