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I use and enjoy Reflector while coding mods for RimWorld. Since it is an invaluable tool, I have it open all the time to look up things for reference. The problem is that after a while the pane where the disassembler is shown does not respond to mouse click-drag anymore and no selection is shown. Therefore, I cannot copy parts of the source code.

A quit-start cycle will fix it but while its good that Reflector preserve all tabs when I reopen it, this behavior is quite annoying so I wonder if you could look into the issue or give me any tips on how to make this work.

Andreas Pardeike


  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for your post and so sorry for this issue!

    When the selection problem occurs, you should be able to get things working again by going to Tools>Options>Appearance and choosing to Restore Defaults, which should hopefully be a quicker workaround.

    Hope that helps!
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • Any news on if we can expect a better solution than to reset preferences?
  • Though we've definitely seen this issue come up, we still haven't found a way to reliably reproduce it to test any solutions. With that, there aren't any updates at the moment I'm sorry to say. :/

    If you or any others find a pattern in how this occurs for you, however, it would be much appreciated if you post it here!
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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