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Popup Suggestions on Linked Server not working

houstonchoustonc Posts: 4 Bronze 1
edited March 16, 2017 10:51AM in SQL Prompt
With SQL Prompt

Typing SQL that references tables within a Linked server is no longer working. Worked with 7.3.1.x.

Given the following SQL.
  FROM LinkServer.RemoteDB.Owner.Table
The popup with relevant information is not working after I type the period after RemoteDB or even after I type in dbo followed by period.

Have noticed that when I first use the LinkedServer.RemoteDB, the white box pops up saying connecting to RemoteDB but never see the progress meter show any green color like it connected and is pulling in the meta data.

Note: the LinkedServer has it's own remote user id and password so if SQL Prompt is trying to connect to the Linked Server as my connection, it will fail.


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