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Compare Data and Sync

andrew.nangoyandrew.nangoy Posts: 2
edited March 15, 2017 10:22AM in SQL Compare

I have scenario this :
1 server central and 12 database local , i need sync sever central with 12 database local

central <
local 1
local 2
local 12

i need sync automatic with scheduler, can i use data compare and make automatic ?

thank you


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    Hi Andrew,

    The best solution here depends on how changes flow to/from your 12 databases.

    - If the central database is acting as a "master" and you want to deploy its schema to all 12 satellite databases, you probably want to write a script that calls the SQL Compare Command line 12 times.
    - If the satellite databases are more like developer environments and you want to feed different developers' contributions into the central database, you might like to try SQL Source Control.

    Could you explain a bit more about your situation?
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