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SSMS 17RC3 Source Control

nsundararajannsundararajan Posts: 35 Bronze 5
edited March 10, 2017 4:05PM in SQL Source Control
I've installed the SSMS 17RC3 and still the Source Control didn't work. I've uninstalled and Re-installed Source Control multiple times when I reported the error for 17.0 RC2. When I saw new release today for 17.0 RC3 I installed and still it's not working.

My opinion I think Source control is having some issue. If 17.0 RC2 didn't work I was thinking it may be SSMS. Now 17.0 RC3 also not working. MSFT Tools Guys the PM Manger for SSMS in his tweet mentioned it's close to GA release. So I'm thinking it may be issue with Source Control.

I'm ready to work via Skype or any other source.


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