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Connection Population Error - Plan has not been initialised

solrevdevsolrevdev Posts: 4
edited March 9, 2017 10:41PM in MySQL Data Compare
Connection Population Error - Plan has not been initialised

Unknown Exception/

Call Execute First.


Got this when trying to do do the actual deployment.

Anyone got any ideas?


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    Ah. something that may be the result here.

    I am running the trial software on a windows VM and the two databases I am comparing are massive and are stored on AWS RDS and i noticed my VM Disk was almost full with Temp files of many GB in size.

    Am now running the sofware on a physical machine with plenty of space.

    Will post if thats the answert
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    Timed out. Going to kick the tyres on the competition.

    Will try again with a smaller simpler exemplar size database as the software felt like the robust sql server versions of this suite of tools that I used back in the day.
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