Export Comparison reults shows In1/2 in TYpe column

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My exported data comparison sheet shows In1, IN2 in Type column. What does it means? documentation tells anout #a, #b etc but nothing about In1, IN2.



  • "Type" is a slightly confusing word but it basically refers to which of the two databases contain a given row.
    • "In1" just means that the database on the left contains the row while the database on the right does not;
    • "In2" means the opposite.
    • "Different" means that both databases have rows with matching values in the column(s) you are using as a comparison key, but some of the data columns have differing values
    • "Identical" means that the same row exists in both databases.
    In the UI we tend to quote the database name in such labels, but this shorthand is used in the exported files to make it easier to parse.

    You can find more information about this at https://documentation.red-gate.com/disp ... on+results .
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