SQL Prompt 7.5 beta

Harry FrankishHarry Frankish Posts: 53 New member
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Download SQL Prompt 7.5 beta

This build of SQL Prompt includes:
  • Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • SQL Prompt now suggests the MIXED_PAGE_ALLOCATION option (forum)
  • Improvements to AT TIME ZONE suggestions
  • Fix for connection issue in some versions of Visual Studio
  • Formatting improvements:
    • ON and WHEN keywords in MERGE statements can now be right-aligned
    • ELSE IF statements are now indented the same as IF statements (UserVoice)
    • Fix for error when formatting some server broker statements

If you find any issues with this release, please post them on this forum.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please post them on our suggestions forum so other users can vote for them. - 1st March
  • Initial release


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    mikecaremikecare Posts: 19 Silver 1
    I'm not able to see/use SQL Prompt in SSMS 17 RC2 after installing the 7.5 beta. Is there a step I need to take? I have rebooted after installing 7.5 and SSMS 17 RC2.
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    Harry FrankishHarry Frankish Posts: 53 New member
    Hi mikecare

    Did you install SSMS 17 RC2 first? When you install SQL Prompt it's only added into SSMS versions that are already installed. If you installed SQL Prompt before SSMS you'll need to reinstall SQL Prompt.

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    mikecaremikecare Posts: 19 Silver 1
    Not sure, but I tried to reinstall 7.5 and it says its installed already. I tried to uninstall and it ran for about 15 mins without doing anything so i just rebooted. Guess I wait till the next Prompt release
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    TUellnerTUellner Posts: 56 Bronze 5
    Install fails with MIS Error: 1603
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