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shortcut for Actions?

LAtkinsonLAtkinson Posts: 3 Bronze 1
edited February 28, 2017 12:32PM in SQL Prompt
I am enjoying the actions (add commas, add commas and quotes) but I'd really like to find a shortcut so I'm spending less time scrolling through the list to find those 2 actions. Is there a shortcut, or can an action be embedded in a snippet?



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    James RJames R Posts: 104 Silver 4
    Hi LAtkinson,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Unfortunately, SQL Prompt currently does not have shortcuts for the 'Add Commas' or the 'Add commas and quotes' actions.
    To spend less time scrolling it is possible to filter the Actions List using the search box, to find the specific action required :


    Additionally, it is possible to implement the same functionality in a snippet which is accessible from the top of the Actions List by using the $SELECTEDTEXT$ and $CURSOR$ placeholders, similarly to the BEGIN...END block snippet (be).

    Hope this helps!

    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software
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    Thanks James.

    Maybe that could go on the wish list somewhere. In the meantime, I'm betting that if I look in the snippets category, I have a good chance of finding a snippet I can borrow that will do the trick.

    Thanks again.
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    When text is highlighted, hitting the Ctrl key will bring up the dialog box. Typing, such as commas, will filter down the list of actions to what you want.

    So, with text highlighted, I hit Ctrl, type 'comma', and then hit Enter.
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