Cloud support?

Andrey_DemidovAndrey_Demidov Posts: 3 New member
edited February 27, 2017 11:26AM in ANTS Performance Profiler 9
Hi guys,

I wonder where can I find any manual about cloud support for ANTS Performance Profiler. We have few licenses for .NET Developer bundle in our company, but I'm not sure if it will help me to profile Azure App Service, so I want to clarify it here.

On this page I see that Azure is supported:
Cloud support:
Install on Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 to profile cloud-hosted sites and applications. (You'll need to reinstall ANTS Performance Profiler any time a cloud instance is torn down.)

But in documentation I haven't found any mentions or manuals about how to set Azure profiling.

And two years ago I saw a reply on the forum that Azure websites are not supported.

So the questions are as follows:
1) Does ANTS Performance Profiler able to profile Azure Applications in cloud (not in local emulator)?
2) If it does, where are any manuals?


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