Automatically running the SDC file

AndreQ1AndreQ1 Posts: 8
edited February 21, 2017 6:52PM in SQL Data Compare 11
The SQL Data Compare project file is configured very nicely now. I'd like to find a way to schedule it so it runs every day in a SQL Server job.

Is there a flag I can set so I can do the equivalent of the psuedo code below?
SQLDataCompare.exe RedGateTest1.sdc /quiet


  • Apologies, after looking through SQLDataCompare /?, I found pretty much everything I'm looking for with this:
    c:Program Files (x86)Red GateSQL Data Compare 12SQLDataCompare.exe  /project:c:YourFolderHereRedgateTest.sdc /quiet /force /out:c:YourFolderHereOutput_Daily.txt /outputwidth:100 /scriptfile:c:YourFolderHereRedGateCompare.sql
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