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Incorrect repository URL

dlaws2dlaws2 Posts: 13
edited April 5, 2017 2:44PM in SQL Source Control
I've linked my database to my TFS repository but I'm unable to pull or push from/to the remote repository.

When I attempt to do either I'm asked to enter my credentials in the 'Source control credentials required' dialog, when I do that it returns an error 'Incorrect details'. I know the issue is not due to my username/password but down to the URL of the repository Redgate believes it should be.

The correct repository URL is [url]http://servername:port/tfs[/url] but on the credentials dialog shows [url]http://servername:port/[/url]. If I browse [url]http://servername:port/[/url] I get access denied.

Where does Redgate set the repository URL and can I change it?


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