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Database and code dependencies

dlaws2dlaws2 Posts: 13
edited February 25, 2017 12:54AM in DLM Automation
I'm new to Redgate and looking for some help on how best to setup my deployment process.

All the Redgate examples I've seen online always understandably demonstrate how to source control, commit and deploy DB changes. However I have not found anything that demonstrates how one would deploy db changes and dependent code changes.

I have many sites and a few databases, many of the sites share one or more databases. All my sites live under c:/webapps/site.one.com, c:/webapps/site.two.com and so on. The databases live on d:/db/db_a, d:/db_b etc.

If I make changes to my web code and I have associated db code changes what can I use in order to create a builds that will deploy my code and db changes together?


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