Update SSMS plugins with only SSMS 2016 installed

moconnellmoconnell Posts: 3
edited February 21, 2017 2:42PM in SQL Source Control
I currently have SQL Source Control 3, SQL Prompt 6, and SQL Search 2 installed on my new machine and I'm trying to get these plugins to work with Management Studio 2016. I understand that updating these tools to the latest version is the typical way of getting them to work with SSMS 2016 but I can't find anyway to update them. I don't have any previous version of SSMS (only 2016) and the plugins currently don't appear in SSMS 2016 at all (not even the "Check for Updates" option). There doesn't seem to be anyway to launch SQL Search or SQL Prompt outside of SSMS. Launching SQL Source Control from the Start menu simply opens SSMS 2016 but the plugin isn't there. How can I get these tools to update?


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