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Copy Data from Prod table to Dev Table

patriciohonorepatriciohonore Posts: 2
edited February 20, 2017 10:59AM in SQL Data Generator

I'd like to copy data from SQL Prod database table to another SQL Database table. Also excluding some of the data from the production table (i.e., where Region = AP).

SQL Production Database

SQL Development Database

Thank you!


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    SQL Data Generator is not really designed for deploying data from one table to another. If you really want to use SQL Data Generator then you can map an existing data source to your table. Selecting SQL Table or View as the source type and pointing SQL Data Generator to the first table would get this to work, although you wouldn't have the control that you may desire - for instance you wouldn't be able to filter the results.

    In my opinion, it sounds like SQL Data Compare would be a better match for your use case. Here are some worked examples that use SQL Data Compare to deploy data from one database to another. In your case, you would simply select only the table that you are interested in for deployment. If you want to filter your data based on a criteria then you can apply a WHERE clause to your comparison.

    I hope this helps.
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