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What happened to SSMS Integration?

rlrcstrrlrcstr Posts: 9 Bronze 2
edited March 7, 2017 5:38AM in SQL Compare
I just installed SSMS 2016. I ran the latest SQL Toolbelt install thinking it would add all the tools to SSMS. Only a couple were there. So I tried uninstalling every toolbelt tool (is there a way to do this in bulk?) and re-installed. I still have no right-click menu options for SQL Compare or SQL Data Compare... Was this removed or is it not, yet, available for SSMS 2016?



Edit: I noticed that, after uninstalling and re-installing, these items are no longer in SSMS 2014 install, either... Is the new installer not adding these?


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    Anu DAnu D Posts: 876 Silver 3
    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for your post!

    This is the link to the latest SQL Toolbelt: ftp://support.red-gate.com/patches/SQLT ... olbelt.zip

    This should have the tools that support SQL 2016.
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    rlrcstrrlrcstr Posts: 9 Bronze 2
    I am running build 3760. The install you pointed does not seem to think it needs to upgrade what I already have installed. Is there a way to force it to just re-register with SSMS? Do I have to uninstall everything, again? (Is there an uninstaller that will remove all the Toolbelt apps or do I have to go one by one?) I think I tried running a "repair", as well, from control panel, but that didn't help, either. (Feedback for the devs... an app "repair" should verify that all integration points are properly registered...)



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    There's another component called the SSMS Integration Pack, which is versioned separately from SQL Compare itself. You should see it as one of the checkboxes in the Toolbelt installer.
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