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A comma makes the difference

Daniel HandleyDaniel Handley Posts: 214
edited February 18, 2005 11:29AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
The setup you have is correct - "Force table column order to be identical" not checked.
You should be seeing after the analysis that in the top portion of the screen you have a black equals sign. This shows that the objects are the same and no synchronisation is necessary.

In the lower portion of the screen you will see the differences that have been flagged because the columns are in a different order. However this is just there as a reminder and will be ignored unless you have the "Force table column order to be identical" checked.

So although the lower screen show differences the upper screen show changes that will be made.
This is also verified by looking in the Sync Sql Tabs where you can see that the scripts don't include any changes.

Daniel Handley
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