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Cascading WHERE Clause

ramseyjacobramseyjacob Posts: 3 New member
edited February 13, 2017 7:00AM in SQL Data Compare

I have seen another post about this, but I can't seem to leave a comment so I'm starting a new Topic.

My database has hierarchical relationships with many levels where each level relates to the one above it...pretty standard stuff.

When using SQL Data Compare, I can set a WHERE clause on the top level table to filter the results based on the primary keys I'm interested in, but I don't see an option to cascade through the hierarchy. Much like CASCADE DELETE will "crawl" the relationships and delete all the related rows, I would like a way to crawl the relationships and only sync the data related to the rows that match my WHERE clause at the top level.

The hierarchy structure is complex, so I don't want to do this by hand. I would also like to do this for many databases, so again I don't want to have to hand roll this each time. Also, in my case it isn't an option to sync everything and then do a DELETE to eliminate the data I'm not interested in. Don't ask why, it just isn't :?

Is this an option in the current version of the tool?



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