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Log Shipping restore job runs indefinitely

jlcflyjlcfly Posts: 7
edited November 16, 2008 1:11PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have a situation where I am log shipping from Ireland to Canada. Several times per day, the restore job runs indefinitely, requiring a restart of SQLServerAgent. No log file is generated. In the GUI, the outcome says "Successful". The file it thinks is restoring is unknown as it lists it as "LOG_(local)_<database>_*.sqb". The file size is listed as 0 bytes and the compressed size is listed as 0 bytes.

I've watched this as it's happened, and when it comes across this condition, there are files waiting to be restored. The problem is that the job doesn't ever finish. SQL Server shows it in an "Executing" state, while the SQL Backup GUI show it "Successful". Subsequent restore jobs therefore do not run.

After restarting SQLServerAgent, I manually launch the job and it runs just fine, and will continue to run subsequent jobs for a while. Eventually, this condition is encountered again, and it requires me to manually restart SQLServerAgent and go through the same routine again.

I have seen this happen on a couple different instances of SQL Backup 5.3 on different servers that I manage. Any clue what could be causing the job (a) not to find files when they are there and (b) not to end if it doesn't find files?

Secondarily, is there any way to give the job a time limit (e.g. if it doesn't complete within 15 minutes, stop it)?

Running SQL Server 2005 and SQL Backup 5.3


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    There is a known issue with SQL Backup in that it sometimes tries to restore a file that has not been completely copied, causing it to hang. If you look in the SQL Backup folder where SQBCoreService.exe is installed, do you find a file named SQBCoreService_bugreport.txt, and in that file, does it report any errors reporting that a file is in use?

    This issue will be fixed in the next update of SQL Backup, currently due out in a couple of weeks.
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    Yes, this is what SQBCoreService_bugreport.txt reports. Thanks for the explanation.
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