Profiling WCF hosted in IIS with nettcp bindings

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Hi there,

Any instructions on how to profile wcf hosted in iis with nettcp bindings? The entire system is set up to communicate over tcp and it would be very difficult to change that. Many many moving pieces, and we really just want to get an idea of what calls are taking an inordinate amount of time, including sql queries.

Is there any way to do this with nettcp? I can only find guidance regarding HTTP.



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    Hi and thanks for your post!

    Regarding your query, I'm afraid that the profiler does not support nettcp at the moment. :/

    However, there are two potential workarounds that may help:

    - You can try adding a dummy http binding to the site in IIS and point ANTS to profile the http address (via the IIS - ASP.NET option). Then if you call on the nettcp address as normal, you should in theory get results for the nettcp calls. However, this workaround unfortunately doesn't always work--the profiler sometimes can't hook into the correct IIS process when starting it this way. (
    - You could create a console application to host the service, though I know this is not ideal.)
    - You can profile by starting the nettcp IIS process as normal and then attach to the IIS process - the downside to this though is that the you don't get as much details when attaching to process. (Due to .NET limitations, you can only get Sampling level profiling and will not be able to get SQL profiling)

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