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Your views on SQL Multi Script 1.1?

Colin MillerchipColin Millerchip Posts: 80
edited November 13, 2008 5:45PM in SQL Multi Script

I'm currently running a survey, to find out more about how people use SQL Multi Script, and how they'd like to see it evolve in the future.

It takes less that 10 minutes to complete, and as a thank you we will give away three $100 Amazon vouchers to randomly selected participants.

The survey is at https://www.surveymk.com/s.aspx?sm=fRLJ8ET4RKa8Ea80cgiQSQ_3d_3d. Even if you've already provided feedback via this forum, please do consider taking this survey.

Thank you for your time, and best regards,


UPDATE 19-Dec-08: please note that this survey has been completed, and the Amazon vouchers were won by Lee Moody, John E. Allman, and Victor Chu... but if you're still prepared to share your opinions, please do so as they will still be taken into account in our release planning process.


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    this could potentially be a very useful tool for people in my position.  we have chronic environment problems that aren't going to be remedied anytime soon.  we also have shared development databases (with around 8 devs). 

    Our TFS has temporarily been abandoned because of multiple successful deployments being backed out of production because of unforeseen integration issues that came out of the woodwork at a later date.

    i'm thinking about using this as the beginning of our devOps journey (one script per object, one folder per feature) with the basic principle of deploying the same artefacts (in this case a folder of scripts) against prod as the ones that were used to deploy to test.

    we would use it for running multiple scripts against one database as opposed to running against multiple databases at the same time.  it would essentially be a very simple script deployment tool but the logging, parsing etc will be very useful.

    I know that this is far from a modern development pipeline but could be the first step in restoring some control, although we are putting off the inevitable which is to stop dev work and do a complete reset of environments and TFS. 

    I have just noticed it has been added to the toolbelt essentials as well which is a welcome addition.
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